Daily drawings

The story Behind

I started making a daily drawing the first of January  2013. The format is A4 and the materials are mainly watercolours but also pencil, felt-tip pen, etc. I seldom know in advance what I’m going to paint. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I say to myself : “show me something”. I later try to duplicate that image.

Most of the time the creativity trickles from the brush to the paper. During the day the drawing emerges more clearly and unconsciously becomes a diary entry without a judgement or a message. The next morning the drawing is scanned in preparation for use in social media and printing

Special occasion

Each unique daily drawing has its own date.

Therefore it can be used as a gift for family, friends or other relations e.g. as a birthday present, wedding anniversary….

All drawings are available in a printed version. (formats A4, A3, A2)

A complementary text can be added.

Surprise somebody ! 

Luk Vermeerbergen

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